Facing forward_1707

You want your daughters to fly–if not from the walls of old fortresses, then at least into their futures, with confidence.

Levitating in ruins_1711

This thing Miss Lavender does, where she ‘levitates’ in some gorgeously odd spot, has a cool factor of like a gazillion–don’t you agree? And for me as a mom, it’s not just the illusion of flying that I find breathtaking; it’s the way the image just shouts girl power.

Levitating two_1254

I’m not saying I want my girls to rule the world.

Once again_1255

But I want them to rule themselves. And to be able to count on themselves to go far and fast when they desire to.

Tessa levitating in Sagunto_1245

To gather motion as they organize their goals.

Tess and Millie in air_1265

And to take care of each other, so that all the nonsense that too often pulls girls down won’t. Because they’ll know how to rise together.

Also:  for a look at the breathtaking images of the Japanese girl whose self-portraits inspired Miss Lavender to want to try levitating, visit her website with your kids!  It’s impossible not to be amazed at the mindblowingly graceful way she seems to defy gravity.  Her last post was in 2011 (sad!).  But all the material leading up to that post–wow!


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Millay looking up_1065

Maybe it was the city:  Sagunt, Spain.  Something about the place made you relax and want to settle in, even when there was a camera pointed at you.

Millay in narrow street_1053

My older daughter and the camera, they’re buds. Always have been.

But this one?

Millay in Sagunto_1062

It’s a tentative friendship, what she and the camera have going these days. She may be on the way to deciding that it won’t bite, won’t get critical, doesn’t intend to be intrusive.

Millay looking out through the rock_1606

The challenge with a child who sometimes steps out of focus: there are fewer images to document her life. I’ve been sharply aware of this during our stay here in Spain.

Millay at top of ruins_1224

Maybe that’s one reason I’ve grown to love this country so much. Gradually, without Miss Zinnia realizing it, Spain up and decided to collaborate with the Eleven O’Clock Camera Lens, the Country and the Camera quietly deciding that the former would stage something to distract Miss Z, and the latter would capture that magic moment when she responded.

Profile, standing_1632

Yeah, I think the friendship might last.


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