successful families

The Eleven O’Clock Dad showed me this the other day, and we actually showed it to our kids a couple of nights later as part of an ongoing effort to think not only about what our family is, but why it is.

Maybe a year ago, we drafted a family mission statement, each member coming up with a single word they felt described our family, and we arranged the words in a series of short phrases. While we still like what we came up with last year, it’s nevertheless fascinating to ask your kids this question: What is our family’s ‘why’?  Articulating a ‘why’ statement can be as simple as saying, “We believe in . . .”

Try this. Ask your kids: What’s our family’s ‘why’?  For that matter, extend the discussion by asking your kids to think about their own ‘why.’  It’ll be an illuminating moment. And a very cool one.

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